Saturday, January 10, 2009

A letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Dr. David Earl- Graef

Friday, January 9, 2009 4:41 PM
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Orly please feel free to edit and use at your discretion . It is strong language but factual

To All Americans,

I am sorry to interrupt this discussion thread but this is extremely

This is not about sore losers, this is not about race. This about the
very foundations of our Nation. It is not about fear of change. I for one do not fear change but
only fear change that is not given the careful consideration our
founding fathers would have afforded it.

This is about America and the ability of our military to defend her and possibly much more. As a US military officer, I am just beginning myself to see the potential problems that may be
facing us. Before you discard any of this information please take the time to verify on OFFICIAL US Government sources such as the site for our United States Supreme Court.

FACT: Chief Justice John G. Roberts has agreed to hear Bowen vs
Lightfoot. A case challenging the constitutional qualifications of
Barak H. Obama aka Barry Soetoro to be POTUS. Check the court Docket.

Comment- If the Chief Justice did not think we have a problem he would NOT distribute this case let alone give it to the full court to read. He does not want to look dumb or waste the time of the court after all he is the Chief.

FACT: Congress did not listen and hear this very loud signal he sent
to them yesterday but it rang a warning shot through many of the United States Armed Forces
more like a loud bomb. If I heard it, I KNOW the Joint Chiefs of the Military heard it.

Fact: Unfortunately you will have to take this as true on its
merits. But I assure you The Joint Chiefs as military officers take the
constitution very seriously.

FACT: If only ONE of the Joint Chiefs of Staff balks we lose an
entire arm of our military ! He can not nor will not give the order
to mobilize the forces if he has a reason to question the validity of that order. In
fact he himself is duty bound to not obey this if not given by a "legal" President or at a minimum is conflicted as to the right thing to do !! The Oath states he will obey the lawful orders of those above him not ANY order. Chief Justice Roberts has as much as told them by distributing this case we may have a constitutional problem with Obama. So at this very moment our Military leaders are likely conflicted. Not a good thing.

*****The words of JOE BIDEN. He warned of an international crisis
soon and implied it would be of immense proportion soon after Obama took office may . ****** Have you
already forgotten ????? Have you been distracte by the economy. Did Biden know something ??? Has anybody bothered to ask him??

And he thinks Barak can handle it. Do you ??? Let Obam face down Putin without the Navy or maybe the
Air Force or maybe the Army or mayybe ALL of them to back him up. I suppose some of you out there
still believe in a Superman. Reality check. He was a comic book
character and Obama is not a Superman like some of you believe. He is not the messiah otherwise he would not be giving us doom and gloom for the economy. He would waive his hand and fix it. Please wake
up !!

We are not asking Obama for the moon only that he give us some
additional information to assure us he is who he says he is AND qualify under the Constitution and we in the military will do whatever he asks us to do to protect this country. This is what we do.

This is reasonable and prudent but Obama is refusing and fighting this with
everything and I mean everything in his power.

To my Fellow Officers and Enlisted who are required to lay their lives at the very feet of Liberty.

Do not despair but take good faith. Remember those who came before. He is not our President yet so you still have a right to raise concerns all the way to the Pentagon. Let the Officers in your command know that Justice Roberts has taken the first stand to insure the Constitution is followed. Let our Chief Justice know you support him and appreciate him for HIS courage valor to stand up for us. Call/ write your congressman. Pass this letter to every blog you can. Ask your family to do the same we are a mighty voice and it can be heard.