Monday, January 5, 2009

letter from a reader

American Patriot says:Today, 6:55:23 PM“Look, this post is great, but it does not go exactly far enough. This conspiracy of silence from the Mass Media is not merely a circumstance or accident. It is part of the planed strategy by the internationalists to enslave us, brainwash us, overthrow our constitution and take away our freedoms. Boycotting NBC is obivous, but we need to boycot all the Media who refuse to talk about the ineligibility and usurpation of Obama, and point this out to all to whom we speak. We are at war folks, the gauntlet was throw down with SR 511, the conspiracy was perpetrated on Nov. 4, the Senate stands to declare war on the Constitution on Jan 8th, by not vetting Obama, and our governement for all practical reasons on the federal level will be overthrown on Jan 20th.

This is not merely a little problem, and we ought not keep treating it as such. It is not just political, it encompases the entirety of our nation and all the aspects of our life, as it touches all our rights and freedoms.