Sunday, January 4, 2009

Letter from Attorney John Carlson-you wouldn't believe that one

I don't have any Obama divorce papers to look at.

This website has emails from the University of Hawaii and the University of Washington.
Andy Martin confirmed that the UW email was from the UW source. Devvy Kidd received the UH email via letter so same email. Dates don't make sense. Devvy mentioned that the email doesn't show Ann in attendance in 1961. Dates of graduation don't mesh with the dates of attendance.

I discount the UH email as being credible. Consider the UW email as credible.

On the Soetoro divorce papers clearly to me the small L's standing for 1 are different. All small L's in the divorce papers are similar except the small L supposedly representing Obama. Should have been done a day later as an add-on to correct a mistake. Could have been done years later assuming the original as legitimate. Alternately the whole divorce papers were reworked recently.

Hawaii law makes parents responsible for the educational expenses past minority. That is the reason for the second blank which would be blank if only one minor child was involved. Nice place to type in a small L (1) which is way out of alignment.

Comparing handwriting the divorce papers Ann Soetoro signatures not similar to high school writing samples of Stanley Ann Dunham. I can look for the sources of those samples if you are interested. The photo writing refers to best high school friend Maxine Box.

I taught cursive writing in Chicago Schools for several years so I am aware of the features, differences. Why doesn't Maya Soetoro show photos of the family? Then we can compare early Ann with Ann Soetoro.

Obama's Selective Service application hammered:
President Carter didn't require males to sign up for SS for a period but then restarted it. If Obama was born August 4, 1961 he had to sign up. If before August 4, 1961 up to 4 years he didn't have to sign up. As August 4, 1961 was decided on as the BIG DAY there was a good reason to get a SS application in the system. I believe he is older maybe being born before Hawaii became a state August 1959 thus not natural born.