Friday, January 9, 2009

More info on 535-40-8522

I am trying to solve the mystery of this social security number. I received information from a private investigator that the social security number 535-40-8522 was entered together with the name of Phyllis Albriktsen into the Lexis-Nexus and Choice Point database, that is owned by Cisco. I was told that Cisco was purchased by a Chinese company (I don't have the name). I called Ms. Phyllis Albriktsen at 425-337-1098, she said that it is not her ss number, she didn't know who did it.
I need help from people that do tech support for Lexis- Nexus, ChoicePoint and Cisco. I need to track a person, that is entering this information and I need to know why he or she is doing it. If you work for one of these companies and can help tracing people that are entering this information,please call 949-683-5411 or e-mail, mark "Re trace ss"