Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Follow up on Bill Burkett

As I stated previously I have received information that Mr. Bill Burkett was hired by Obama campaign sometime in Feb of 2008.
Bill Burkett is the person that supplied Dan Rather and his producer Mary Mapes with info on George Bush, stating that some strings were pulled to get him into National Guard instead of Active military. Later info came, showing that the documents were forged.
I was looking for corroborating evidence in regards to Bill Burkett being hired by BO.
I received info that sometime in September of this year there was a radio program on WOAI, in San Antonio TX. DJ's name was Parker, I believe Clayton Parker. He talked about Bill Burkett, who was linked to Dan Rather's forged documents, being hired by BO. The issue of course, is he in any way connected to all of these forged documents or was he sat up to be a fall guy in case the forgeries blow up in somebody's face.
Does somebody have this talk show host's phone number? Bill Burkett's number? Did any of you listen to this program, what was said? any specific facts, dates, names, documents? if you have any specific info e-mail or call 949-683-5411