Friday, January 2, 2009

Letter from a reader on more possible indictments

I got this e-mail from a reader, Carol. Does anybody have more info on these transactions? Can one of you forward this to Patrick Fitzgerald and the rest of the authorities?

Dr. Orly,

This may be old news for you, but I read somewhere that somebody researched Rahm Emmanuel's house and the property taxes related and found his address was listed as a charity, and it turned out that he and his wife turned their home into a nonprofit foundation and they therefore did not have to pay property taxes. I guess their way of spreading the wealth.

Annual tax records on Obama and Emmanuel might show a lot....if not sealed, of course. Blagovich might be doing something similar with his house.

Wonder if a "Lant Trust" for a historic home pays taxes.

Oh, I also read that Blagovich's wife was a realtor, and was involved in Obama's house....that is not a verified fact, of course, but worth seeing who the realtor was.

God bless,