Thursday, January 1, 2009

Patrick Fitzgerald extends investigation for two more months

It was reported yesterday that Patrick Fitzgerald, US attorney for the Northern District of Illinois has extended his investigation of Blagoevich and delayed indictments for 2 more months (90 days instead of usual 30 days)and what is more encouraging, is that Blag's attorney is not objecting. Fitzgerald has stated that he received a large amount of information from witnesses, that need to be processed, and he needs more time. I believe that this is great news.
I've seen some Obots reporting that this means that the deal was made and no indictments are coming against Blag and Obama, that Obama is being protected, I believe, on the contrary, it shows an active comprehensive investigation that will include a number of members of BO's team and it will end with indictments of a number of people, including BO himself.
Let's look historically. Fitzgerald indicted Rezko. Rezko was convicted, however now Rezko is in solitary confinement awaiting sentencing. Sentencing was delayed and Rezko's attorney is not objecting. Why would a person agree to have his sentencing delayed? If a deal was made to cut his time in exchange for singing. By all accounts Rezko is singing like a canary. Who did he and Iraqi businessman Auchi support? Blag and Obama.

Now let's look at Blag. Why isn't his attorney objecting to 60 day extension? The only reasonable explanation, is that the deal was made that if he cooperates and sings about BO and his team, US attorney's office will go easy on him.
Obama's thugs are simply trying to discourage you. Just like a day before the election they came up with this manufactured decision of Virginia judge, saying that Bo's BC is genuine and legal actions about the BC are frivolous. You didn't listen to BO's garbage then and filed 31 legal actions all over the country demanding answers and more yet to come.

You should not believe BO's thugs that are implying that Patrick Fitzgerald is on the take like everybody else and nothing will come out of this investigation. No, not everybody is crooked in this country. There are still some decent people in law enforcement and judiciary. Patrick Fitzgerald has asked the public for information and by god you should give it to him. He would not be going on TV and asking for the help from the public, if he was on the take and was looking to bury this investigation.

Hundreds of people have reported to me that they mailed and faxed and called Patrick Fitzgerald's office and provided information. A lieutenant Colonel from Florida has sent a 60 page report to Fitzgerald and hand delivered a copy to the FBI headquarters in Pensacola,Florida. This lieutenant colonel should call periodically and check on the progress and handling of this report. Real patriots of this country have submitted info to the US attorney, FBI, Attorney General offices, Congressmen, Senators, President Bush. The investigation and possible indictments have extended to dozens of areas. Please, make sure you download on the hard drive and make paper copies of all info gathered on Internet. A number of people have reported to me that material damaging to BO and his thugs is being scrubbed.
One thing I know, they can scrub all they want. They are dealing with 320 million decent American citizens, there is an enormous power in this number. 260 million did not vote for Obama. 60 million that voted for him didn't have information that is brought in the open now, and many are saying that if they had all of this information, they would not have been voting for Obama and would have been voting for another Democrat, like Hillary or for McCain.
Keep working hard, it is just the matter of time until these people are indicted and convicted. Let's hope that indictments come before the 20th. If not, keep in mind that it took some time to uncover Watergate, but it was uncovered in the end. The end to this nightmare called Obamagate is coming. Just be patient and keep your eyes on the prize.