Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Congressional Hall of Shame

I have been diligently collecting responses to inquiries about the Obama Eligibility Controversy from members of both the House and the Senate and placing them on a web  page for inspection. So far I have responses from 8 senators and 3 congressmembers. 

Clearly they are playing their constituents for fools. For example, if you look at Senate Resolution 511, unanimously adopted by the Senate on April 30, 2008, the Senate suggests that a citizen with two US citizen parents is a "natural born citizen". Interesting how none of these responses mention Senate Resolution 511 or any of the legal analyses by Harvard Professor Lawrence Tribe or others that were part of the discussion in the Senate. Many of them include nonsense about when Hawaii became a state, as if that was a misunderstanding of their "stupid constituents". We have to make them aware that we are not fools and that we are paying attention to them and their statements and actions.

I will be adding contact information for each of these members of Congress and senators to that web page. Then we can give them feedback easily.

If you have a response from a member of Congress or a Senator you want to add to the page, feel free to do so since it is a wiki, or send it to me at hound9_9 at yahoo dot com. 


Robert Stevens