Monday, December 29, 2008

O-bot central

I notice we have a lot of visitors from certain websites that specialize in "Obama Apologetics". I visited a couple to get an idea what they focus on.  I did include an example, but the person who owns the site objected strenuously. 

I will remove the content and paraphrase it instead to remove any claims I have appropriated their material without attribution. 

There was a general complaint that articles in the media appear with this quote:

“Unfortunately the way state laws are written we are not allowed to confirm vital information and vital records,” said Janice Okubo, a spokeswoman for Hawaii’s department of health. “I cannot confirm individual information because that is against the law.”

Then it was implied that Okubo did not actually say this, and had been misquoted. Further, the allegation was made that under Hawaiian law, although the Health Department will not reveal information, it will verify any information you already know (see §338-14.3). It was argued that although to get an actual Hawaiian birth certificate one must have a "tangible interest", one can obtain "verification" under a much looser set of standards (see  §338-18(g)(5)), and information can be released to 

an individual employed, endorsed, or sponsored by a governmental, private, social, or educational agency or organization who seeks to confirm information about a vital event relating to any such record in preparation of reports or publications by the agency or organization for research or educational purposes.

Finally, readers were cautioned that this could not be done through a telephone transaction, but instead some sort of application was required and a five dollar fee. 

Absolutely amazing, the lies that they are willing to tell to protect their "Messiah". First, any direct quote attributed to Okubo in a newspaper that appears to bolster the claim that Obama was born in Hawaii, particularly when taken out of context or otherwise mischaracterized, they accept verbatim, no questions asked. When Okubo is quoted stating that she cannot confirm or deny that Obama was born in Hawaii, immediately they doubt the quote. 

Interesting, huh? They only trust quotes from Okubo if they can be possibly construed to imply that Okubo has confirmed that Obama was born in Hawaii. All other reported quotes from Okubo are immediately suspect and must be falsehoods, according to the Obama apologists.

Have you called the Hawaiian Health Department and asked about Obama's birthplace? I have. Several others have. And everyone is given the same reply, which is essentially the same as the Okubo quote above. 

I invite you to try it if you doubt me. Call the Hawaiian Health Department. Ask if they will tell you where Barack Obama was born. Ask anything you like about his official records and see if they will tell you anything or send you anything. Call  (808) 586-4533 or send email to

As for verifying anything someone already knows, for 5 dollars, I think you would have a hard time getting official documents from the Hawaiian Health Department confirming the birthplace of Barack Obama, wherever it is (Kenya, Hawaii, or someplace else). After all, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on both sides of this issue in lawyers' fees and court costs and other expenses on just this very question. Many many requests for Obama's birth documents have been made by lawyers, by private citizens, by authors, and by private investigators. All were turned down. Subpoenas from several courts in other states for the records have been sent to the Hawaiian Health Department. All were turned down.  

If this material was as easy to obtain as the writer claims, people would not have wasted so much time, money and effort to get ahold of the documents. 

And if there was not something to hide, Barack Obama would not have spent so much time and money and effort trying to prevent anyone else from getting ahold of the documents. 

You are really so sure you want to take such an indefensible position? It is beyond ludicrous to think that all anyone would have to do is ask for the documents and pay 5 dollars (in person of course; not over the phone).

If the writer of this post on the other blog feels it is so easy to get ahold of Obama's officially certified birth records, I challenge him to do it. I can even give him the name of a Private Investigator  in Hawaii who will appear in person and pay the five dollars if the writer does not want to fly to Hawaii and do it himself. Do it and shut me up. You will also be famous forever for doing it. Show that those who are behind the  two dozen lawsuits are all misguided fools. Demonstrate once and for all that the Obama Eligibility Controversy has been created by conspiracy theorists wearing tin foil hats. Put up or shut up. 

If you are able to produce an officially signed, certified, notarized document from the Hawaiian Health Department, together with an official signed letter, showing that Obama was born in Hawaii, and providing enough detail that this can be verified independently, then I will gladly concede. I and most others will just walk away, even though Obama might still not be a "natural born citizen" according to the strict historical and legal definition. 

While I am at it, here is another little gem of a similar nature, also paraphrased:

It was alleged that Alvin Onaka would not suffer any legal jeopardy for alerting someone in authority to the existence of an altered or fake document, since that was one of his assigned tasks as part of his employment. It was alleged that he should not be disquieted or anxious by any possibility of retribution, particularly of a lethal nature, and my post was mocked for being incommensurate with the environment this author experiences in his day-to-day existence.

This character seems to believe that all officials glady will report any and all fake documents they come across. If that is true, why are there so many forged and fake documents floating around? 

I wonder if this author is aware that we have 15-30 million illegal immigrants in the US. They have forged documents; that is how they survive. The 911 hijackers had forged documents as well. 

Most law enforcement officials encounter them all the time. My car was struck by an illegal alien's car. The police just let her go. No whistle was blown. Nothing was done. 

From the UK newspaper that broke the story about Obama's aunt that was living illegally in Boston and illegally on public assistance, we find interviews with US Immigration officials in which it is stated that this situation was known and ignored by the relevant authorities. I guess no whistle was blown there, was it? 

There are lots of reasons fraud is ignored. And please show me where in Onaka's job description it is written that it is his duty to decide who is and who is not natural born, and if the US constitution should be upheld or not. If I was Onaka, I would keep my mouth shut too. 

As for being afraid of being killed, you obviously have not talked privately to judges and attorneys involved in this matter. Believe me, all are quite aware that pro-Obama forces might very well threaten their lives or more. I guess this author does not live in the same world where Black Panthers guarded Philadelphia polling places on election day with guns and nightsticks, threatening anyone who might vote for McCain. I guess this author does not live in the world where the police said they could not and would not do anything about these Black Panther "guards". I guess this author does not live in the same world as I do, where  close Obama associate William Ayers wished he could have "done more" in a New York Times interview (more what? bombings and killings? later he tried to backpeddle, but...). I guess the author does not live in the same world as I do where Missouri Governor Matt Blunt issued a press release about Obama using Missouri law enforcement resources to threaten and intimidate his critics. I guess this author does not live in the same world I do, where Odinga supporters rioted after Obama's cousin Odinga lost the election, slaughtering their rivals (Odinga lost even though Obama had helped to fund the Odinga campaign). And Odinga has been invited to the Obama Inauguration I notice. Is that true in this author's world I wonder?

I guess this author does not live in that world. But that is the world that most of the rest of us live in. The real world.