Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An O-bot Response to the Soetoro School Records

When I posted the Indonesian school records showing that a Barry Soetoro had registered for school in Indonesia as a Muslim, and was listed as an Indonesian citizen born in Honolulu in a previous blog post, another anonymous O-bot responded: 

"Robert,  One more thing. On the first two docs you provided to support the Soetoro thing, you might want to notice that on both docs, the Place of Birth stated is Honolulu. Seems to me this contradicts the whole "wasn't born in Hawaii theory", wouldn't it? Also, how old was Obama when this doc was filled out? Did Obama fill it out? Who filled out this doc?  
One of my parents is a Baptist and the other is a Catholic. Depending on which parent/guardian filled out one of my docs as a child would determine my Religion. If my Mom filled it out, it would state Baptist. If my Dad filled it out, it would state Catholic. I had no choice in the matter as a minor child."  

This O-bot seems to  want to bring up the religious aspect, doesnt he? It is true that these forms seem to suggest that Obama was registered in school in Indonesia as a Muslim. Again, this is a typical O-bot effort to distract from the issue at hand. No one has claimed that it is illegal to have a Muslim president of the US, have they? 
Also, this form was filled out by a minor child's parents probably, or maybe by a school official. And yes the birthplace on this form is listed as "Honolulu". So the O-bot wants to DISBELIEVE this form when it says Obama is an Indonesian Citizen and DISBELIEVE this form when it says Obama is a Muslim, and DISBELIEVE this form when it says Obama's name was Barry Soetoro, but BELIEVE this form when it says Obama was born in Honolulu.  
Notice how the O-bot likes to cherry-pick the information? According to the O-bot, the only valid information is information that makes the "Messiah" look good. 

We have no idea how valid this form is. Maybe Obama did not go by the name Barry Soetoro as a child, although this has been confirmed by people that knew him in Indonesia, so that seems unlikely. Maybe Obama was born in Honolulu, but then if he was and his original long form certificate shows it, why has Obama fought efforts to get him to release that information?

You see, dear Anonymous O-bots, when it comes to trying to decide what information in this entire affair we can trust and what we cannot, one has to consider all the evidence as a whole, and look to see what evidence is corroborated and what is contradicted by other evidence and by common sense.
Playing the game the O-bot way, the only allowable evidence is evidence that supports the Messiah. Period. All other evidence must be discarded.