Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Message for Patrick Fitzgerald about Obama and the Selective Service

It is widely known that Obama's Selective Service Registration appears to be fake when examined closely by experts, and has many suspicious characteristics. It exhibits several inconsistencies. This was first revealed by Debbie Schlussel on her website on November 13, 2008.

Barack Obama claimed in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that aired on September 7 of 2008 on ABC's Sunday Morning Television Program "This Week" that he had considered joining the military. Obama alleged that he registered for the Selective Service upon graduating from High School in 1979. He claimed that he did not do so because the US was not at war at that time [1][2][3]. Some expressed skepticism about his comment, particularly since the requirement to register was not reinstated until July 2, 1980 with the passage of Proclamation 4771, "Registration Under the Military Selective Service Act".

The Selective Service System National Headquarters mailed retired federal government law enforcement agent J. Stephen Coffman materials alleged to be Barack H. Obama's Selective Service Registration paperwork along with a cover letter dated October 29, 2008. A friend who is a lawyer and I spoke extensively to Mr. Coffman a few weeks ago about his efforts to obtain this documentation.

Mr. Coffman had attempted to obtain Obama's Selective Service registration form using multiple FOIA requests for well over a year. Coffman met with nothing but delays and run-arounds and hassles and bureaucratic buck-passing. Finally, Coffman gave the Selective Service Registration office the choice of either providing any email correspondence associated with this Selective Service Record, or the Selective Service Record itself. The Selective Service System National Headquarters then very quickly produced the requested documents. It is apparent from the discussions I had with Mr. Coffman that the Selective Service System National Headquarters was anxious to avoid producing the email correspondence associated with this Selective Service registration record.

From the analysis provided by Debbie Schlussel, there is something very amiss with what purports to be Obama's Selective Service registration. Were the documents the result of a forgery by a "helpful" clerk? Were they the result of a coordinated effort or a request from the Obama Campaign itself? Would the email correspondence show evidence of this? The telephone records? Was there a reason it took around a year to get ahold of this document? Why does the document appear to be a fake?

Even stranger is a defense of this Selective Service Registration by someone named "Daniel Amon" who does not work for the SSS. A little investigation appears to turn up some suspicious details about this "Daniel Amon". Is this another example of a disinformation campaign?

Forging federal records is a crime. Notice that what is purported to be Barack Obama's signature on his Selective Service registation, allegedly signed in 1980, is very different than Obama's signature on the Arizona Certificate of Eligibility, signed in December of 2007:

Could his signature have changed that much in 27 years or so? Well I suppose it is possible. Again, we would require the services of a forensic document examiner and more data to know for sure. But I think there is enough evidence here to suggest a crime has taken place, either by someone at the Selective Service System Headquarters, or someone working at their direction. It is not clear if Obama or the Obama campaign is involved, or asked for the Selective Service System people to create some missing paperwork for Obama.

I sent email to the Department of Justice ( on December 20, 2008 offering to share nonpublic details that I had obtained from conversations and email with Mr. Coffman. I sent them the email, mentioning US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald because I do not have an email address for Patrick Fitzgerald or his team at the US Attorney's Office, Northern District of Illinois. I mentioned Mr. Fitzgerald since he seems to have a group of US attorneys that are willing to look into allegations of misconduct by those associated with Obama and the Obama campaign. I have not heard back, except for an automated reply to show they were in receipt of my email. I also called and left messages, and received a completely unhelpful return voicemail message.

Please join with me in contacting the US Department of Justice, and in particular the US Attorney's Office, Northern District of Illinois. I think that time is very short, and we have evidence of someone involved in a crime. How deep it goes, I do not know. But I know someone probably broke the law here, and this is related to a fairly important issue. So contact them and ask them to look into it. I have more information to share with the appropriate law enforcement bodies, if they want.

I am not certain that email is the right way to contact these people. Telephone contacts might be best, or maybe snail mail. If you have any ideas, please feel free to try them.

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