Friday, January 2, 2009

Letter from a reader Carol

Isturiz is an Afro-American Venezuelan politician with national recognition.


Dr. Orly,

You posted what looks like a Venezuelan driver's license or identity card, and it seemed to have Obama's last name as "Obama Isturiz". Did you notice that?

It has his first name on the next line, "Barack Hussein."

I googled Isturiz, wondering what that word was there for. I found the above link to a well-known Venezuelan politician who is Afro-Amercan. Were they falsifying Barack's last name, making him look connected to a famous politician, to help him move about?

Pretty odd. He now has about 6 aliases.

Your note on the immigration officer who was an eye witness looks promising. Hope you can locate the Immigration office who feels he saw Obama enter as a foreign student, and he could sign a notarized statement, for lawyers to back up their suspicions of Obama as an Indonesian immigrant.

Also, I bet Obama went to high school in Hawaii, then Lolo told him how he went to El Camino HS and maybe Lolo went on to a free education for foreign students at Occidental (the free needs verified, but I read that somewhere), and so Obama enrolled at El Camino as Barry Soetoro (in the alumni yearbook 1980 under that name) and it facilitated his free education at Occidental as an Indonesian. Coming from a Hawaiian high school may have prohibited him. Just a guess.

God bless,