Saturday, January 3, 2009

Letter from a reader John Jay

Does anyone have more info on transactions that Ann Dunham handled, particularly with Annenberg foundation, Ford foundation, health foundation.
Here's the letter

this info was available prior on the internet, but I did not save it and now it is gone. All I have are my notes. Madelyn Dunham headed the Escrow department. Any and all transactions that required escrow went through her department. Escrow accounts are required for real property transactions. Contracts often have escrow accounts (good faith money), AND depending on the agreement between foundations and banks escrow accounts are used to hold grant, and loan program monies before they are disbursed to the bank (s) who are in the area where the recipient of the loan or grant is located. It is esqrow who releases the funds, if everything is in order.

Ann Dunham, was the individual who identified and approved who would receive these microeconomic loans, and grants. She funneled these fundsthrough (BRI) to 3,500 banks in Indonesia, Pakistan and the World Bank. She also handeled the funds for these projects that came from the World Bank.The Annenberg Foundation, also contributed about the time that Dunham was working with womens issues and education.