Thursday, January 1, 2009

More help in research needed

If you remember a convicted felon Tony Rezko has helped Obama to purchase his house. A deal was made, whereby the house was bought in 2 pieces: Obamas bought the house for 1.6 million or 300k below the asking price and Rezkos bought the backyard as a separate lot for a fee that was much higher then the going rate. Their defense was that somebody else put an offer on the house for less, and Obama's price was the best and, what is more interesting, is that somebody else put an offer on the lot equal to Rezkos, meaning they couldn't buy the lot for less, therefor it wasn't really a bribe to the government official, it was a good real estate deal. This last fact got me thinking. A few years ago I passed the state boards and got a real estate brokers license. I didn't have time to deal with it lately, but I remembered reading at the time about stealth offers.
Can anybody, particularly our friends in Chicago or people dealing with Real Estate currently, check who made those back up offers. Were those real offers from people that were actively looking for properties of this type and actually bought such properties, or were those stealth offers, coming from some of Obama's or Rezko's associates or relatives and were done just to cover somebody's back.
I remember that an appraiser from the bank recently sued the bank because he has written a statement that the values of the properties in question were wrong and he was abruptly fired. Can anybody get in touch with this appraiser and his lawyer?