Monday, December 29, 2008

More O-Bot Disinformation and Distraction

An anonymous visitor left this comment:

t is inescapable that if Obama was born in Kenya, and he did not at any time get citizenship from his U.S. citizen mother (which I do not believe he could because she was only 18 years old at the time of his birth), and he did not obtain a green card or naturalize (which he cannot do if he does not have a green card), then he is an illegal alien." - Mario Apuzzo, Esq." 
Brilliant! ... and from an attorney no less. There is NO PROOF that his mother was ever actually in Kenya. NONE. Furthermore, his father left Kenya in 1960 and did not return until 1965, as evidenced by travel records. He was born in Hawaii, and until you can PROVE different, case closed.

"Anonymous" in this case was probably a paid Obama operative, patrolling these forums and blogs to try to cast doubt on the proceedings and spread disinformation. He seems pretty frantic to come in here with claims of travel records and so on. These travel records are publically available? Where? How do you know? Provide me a reference. You are clearly full of nonsense.

What evidence is there that there is something amiss with Obama's eligibility? For starters, consider:

*Obama's paternal grandmother and other family members have asserted repeatedly that he was born in Kenya

*Obama has fought for months in court using several teams of lawyers to avoid producing the documentation that would end this controversy, quickly and inexpensively and easily.

*The Kenyan Ambassador to the US has stated that it is well-known in Kenya that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. 

*We have no evidence whatsoever that Obama was born in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Health Department never confirmed that Obama was born in Hawaii and refuses to do so, even when they have been asked to do so many times. They have even refused to answer court subpoenas for the information from other states. 

There are dozens and dozens of other pieces of evidence that something is wrong with Obama's eligibility. Any single piece of evidence might be dismissed, but when you put the entire list together, it gets a bit more difficult to explain it all away. 

For example, maybe his paternal grandmother is senile and confused. But why would his sister Maya give conflicting locations for his birth on different occasions? Why are there multiple reports of birth records from Kenya? Maybe his birth was registered in Kenya as some sort of social custom, as some have suggested. But then why not release them? In fact, why not just release ALL of  the birth information, from whatever location, so it could be confirmed? Why do the certificates of live birth that were posted on the internet appear to have been altered? 

You see, there just start to be too many questions that remain unanswered to be able to sweep this all under the carpet. Something is amiss. Where there is smoke, there is fire. 

You want to believe otherwise? Tell me why. But so far, I have not seen any compelling explanations for this immense pile of evidence that suggests Obama was not born in Hawaii. 

In many ways this is a moot point, however, since even if Obama was born in Hawaii, he still is not a natural born citizen by the definition in place at the time the constitution was written, and which has been affirmed repeatedly by decisions of the US Supreme Court over the years, and even by Senate Resolution 511 this year which was unanimously adopted.  And therefore, Obama is ineligible to take the office whether he was born in Kenya or not.