Saturday, January 3, 2009

Write to Pres Bush: "Appoint Patrick Fitzgerald a Special Prosecutor"

As of now the only person that is actively investigating New Chicago Mafia is Patrick Fitzgerald.
Keep in mind, God works in mysterious ways. Elliott Ness didn't get Capone and old Chicago Mafia on murder, he got them on tax evasion.
Unless things change, as of now, Fitzgerald is hard at work cleaning up new Chicago mob and corruption. Obama might be forced to resign or will be removed before his Natural Born status is adjudicated in courts. There is more and more evidence coming and being evaluated on the issue of public corruption, financial dealings, tax evasion. The investigation might last past the 20th. Just to be on the safe side, please write to Pres. Bush, asking him to appoint Patrick Fitzgerald a special prosecutor. That will asure us that BO will not fire him come 20th. Of course the best assurance is indictment before the 20th. Let's work hard

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