Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Will you hand over 1 trillion dollars to someone that just stole from you?

As you know Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama is a citizen of Indonesia and Kenya. He defrauded American citizens by claiming he is eligible for presidency. He refused to provide his original birth certificate, passports, immigration or school records or any documents, showing that he is a legal citizen of this country, and that's while he ran on a motto of change and transparency. Some change!
Now Barry, the citizen of Indonesia and Kenya, wants 1 trillion of your hard earned American tax dollars+ 350 Billion from the previous heist, that wasn't completed yet. Should your representatives hand him the money? Did you see his stimulus program? A total zero and a total insanity would probably be an understatement and a compliment. He claims, that he will create 4 million jobs, but when asked, he responded that what he meant, is that he will create jobs or save from loosing. It means that if he creates zero jobs, he is technically correct, because he saved them. That man lives in an imaginary world and the only big accomplishment there is an ability to tell big lies with a straight face. And what is he proposing? A few tax cuts to shut up Republicans, he is throwing a candy to them, but what he is really doing, is a massive non-productive spending that will throw this country into an abyss of colossal debt. Most of the spending will go to public sector, not into manufacturing in this country, not into real energy exploration and energy production. There is nothing in his plan that would rid us from dependency and ever increasing debt to Middle East and China. The only thing this idiocy would stimulate, is a printing press that will print more and more money that would loose more and more of it's value. Your life savings will turn into a pile of worthless paper.
You have to stand up for your country or soon enough you will have no country to stand on. You have to call your congressmen and senators and demand congressional and senate hearings of BO's fitness for position of President based on Executive order of George W. Bush from 01.16.09. You have to demand impeachment and trial of Obama for massive fraud perpetrated upon this country, you have to demand "NO" on 1 trillion dollar heist and 350 billion heist. You have to sign a petition to recall each and every congressman and senator that refuse to impeach and try BO and that agree to hand him the money.
To sign the petition and to help with the petition drive, please contact Fred Smart fksmart@gmail.com, Bob Stevens hound9_9@yahoo.com and Joel Factsman keeprrights@gmail.com