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Dispatch from Nairobi "Obama funded foreign thug who promised Muslim state"

Obama funded foreign thug who promised Islamic state
Agreement with Muslims pledged to protect terrorists, throttle Christians, impose Shariah


Posted: October 19, 2008
8:45 pm Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Sen. Barack Obama with Raila Odinga

NEW YORK – A controversial Kenyan leader for whom Sen. Barack Obama not only campaigned but raised almost $1 million during the run-up to that nation's 2007 presidential election, concluded a written agreement with Muslim leaders stipulating that if they delivered him the Muslim vote, he would in turn, once elected, change the constitution to declare Islamic law as the ruling authority in Muslim-dominated regions, protect terrorists and muzzle Christian evangelism.

WND previously documented that Obama supported and campaigned for Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga during a 2006 senatorial "fact-finding" trip to Kenya and subsequently reported on documents revealing Obama's part in raising almost $1 million for Odinga.

According to a BBC report, Odinga says Obama's father was his maternal uncle. Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan, married the Democratic presidential candidates' American mother while both were attending the University of Hawaii .

Odinga took over the office of prime minister in Kenya after his campaign called for protests of an election he lost by more than 200,000 votes to incumbent Mwai Kibaki. The resulting violence by marauding Muslim mobs left 1,000 people dead, hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes and 800 Christian churches damaged or destroyed. No Islamic mosques were damaged, however.

Among the worst attacks occurred when several dozen women and children sought refuge in a Christian church which mobs burned down on top of them.

WND has reported that the violence appears to have been part of Odinga's campaign strategy. Former members of Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement party, or ODM, claim Obama did not call on Odinga to drop his voter-fraud campaign or withdraw from his pursuit of the presidency even after he lost and the violence erupted.

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WND has confirmed that at one point, then-United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice actually pressured Kenyan Vice President Kolonzo to step down from his position to bring the Odinga-connected Luo-mob protest violence to an end by appointing Odinga vice president so he could assume the nation's second highest political office.

When Kolonzo refused to step down, Annan and Rice proposed the Odinga-inspired plan of appointing him as prime minister, effectively allowing Odinga to share the head-of-state position with Kibaki, a solution that was adopted.

Now WND has obtained a copy of Odinga's agreement with Sheik Abdullahi Abdi, the chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum, that outlined plans, among other things, for wide-ranging attacks on Christians.

In the August 2007 document, Odinga promised that within six months of becoming president he would "rewrite the Constitution of Kenya to recognize Shariah as the only true law sanctioned by the Holy Quran for Muslim declared religions."

While in Kenya earlier this month, WND interviewed several Christians who had been officials in Odinga's ODM, but who had left the party and abandoned Odinga after learning of his agreement with Muslims. Their names cannot be disclosed here as they fear for their lives.

Those sources, considered highly credible, told WND there are several versions of the agreement that have been floated around on the Internet, but that the document reproduced by WND is authentic. In fact, they went through the document line by line with WND to confirm its legitimacy.

A news video (below) of a press conference held during the Kenyan election campaign and broadcast in Kenya by Nairobi-based NTV shows Sheik Abdullah Abdi, chairman of National Muslim Leaders Forum, discussing the agreement.

Although Odinga later produced a "short version" that sanitized the agreement, highly credible sources close to Odinga confirmed for WND that the long version reproduced by WND is authentic, and that the short version was produced just to defuse the controversy.

Indeed, one of the main reasons WND went to Kenya was to meet ex-ODM officials who would validate the original memorandum of understanding as authentic.

In the document signed by Odinga and the chairman of the National Muslims Leaders Forum, the Muslims promised to "enable and assist ODM and The Candidate win theNational Elections and the Presidency of the Republic of Kenya ."

The Muslims agreed to "issue a joint statement declaring that all Muslims should support and vote for Raila Amollo Odinga and ODM" and "engage in active campaigns for Raila Amollo Odinga and ODM through the Republic and impress upon Muslims, publicly and emphatically, the requirement to vote for ODM and Raila Amollo Odinga."

In return, Odinga agreed to give "the Council of Islamic leaders … an oversight role to monitor activities of ALL (emphasis in original) other religions and any applications for religious activities and institutions will require their approval. They shall have the right to deny approval to cults and other evil practices."

The plan apparently was to turn regions of Kenya , which has long been a Christian-majority nation, into Islamic states.

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In addition to promising to re-write the Kenyan constitution and enshrine Islamic Shariah law, Odinga promised to immediately "dismiss the Commissioner of Police who has allowed himself to be used by heathens and Zionists to oppress the Kenya Muslim community."

Further, Muslims suspected of terrorism, even international terrorism, were to be provided new protections, with Odinga's promise to: "Disband the imperialist Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) that was set up for the sole purpose of terrorizing, harassing, intimidating and deporting innocent Kenyan Muslims to Guantanamo Bay."

Further, Odinga agreed, "No Muslim residing in Kenya whether a citizen, visitor or relative of any of the above shall be subjected to any process involving the laws of a foreign country and in particular any Muslim arrested for or suspected of Terrorism or any other International crime shall only be tried within the boarders (sic) of Kenya. …"

The power and influence of Islam was to be further extended with Odinga's promise to "within 1 year facilitate the establishment of a Shariah court in every Kenya divisional headquarters" and to "popularize Islam, the only true religion … by ordering every primary school in Kenya in the regions to conduct daily Madrassa class."

Strict Islamic Shariah law was to be enforced with immediate crackdowns on alcohol, pork and other "haram" products and practices, including a ban "on women's public dressing styles that are considered immoral and offensive to the Muslim faith in the Muslim regions of the Coastal and Northeastern regions."

And ominously, Christianity was to be subjected to a formal crackdown with Odinga's promise to "impose a total ban on open-air gospel crusades by worshippers of the cross in the Coastal and North Eastern regions" and his plan to "outlaw gospel programs (preaching, purported faith healing, etc.) on KBC, the National Broadcaster."

View the entire three-page document titled "Memorandum of Understanding Between Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga Representing the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF)."