Friday, January 23, 2009

what happenned to the first 350 billion?

Before more money is being authorized for spending or being spent, all of our elected officials should get full accounting about 350 billion stimulus that was given to AIG, Goldman Sacks, JP Morgan, Citigroup and others. How did giving billions of taxpayer dollars to crooked bankers that brought the economy to a near collapse by their risky investments, helped the economy? Why was 123 billion dollars given to AIG? Why did it become Shaaria muslim law compliant? How did it benefit us, the tax payers? How much did they already repay us and when will we get all our money back? When Obama and Geitner will give us all the answers on these questions, we can consider any more packages. Meanwhile, until the answers are given, no elective official should even think of spending more money. That is throwing good money after the bad money and sending the economy into free fall.
Each and every decent American should contact his elected officials and demand to see accounting on the first package, repayment schedule, that would show, whe will we get our money back and "no" on any more packages until we get a schedule of repayment with interest.