Tuesday, January 20, 2009

from Lt Col Earl Graef

From: David Earl-Graef [mailto:earlgraef@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 6:18 AM
To: NBTurner@sbcglobal.net
Subject: **Urgent plea**
I know Orly is busy if you agree please post as open letter BEFORE if and when Obama is sworn in.
To All Americans,

I am drafting this letter as dawn is approaching in the early morning hours of 20 Jan 2009. My public voice regarding issues before us and surrounding the office of the President of The United States will soon and for the moment fall silent; as my Oath and Military law requires. So it is that I humbly ask of all those Americans who love and support our country to become the voices of those who serve in the Armed Forces. This torch of freedom , at least in the short term, is passed to you. Your voice and demand for justice is your right, your heritage and the heritage that will pass to your children and with the grace of God to their children. As for me, although I believe in good faith I must continue to put my trust in the Military Officers appointed above me and in the Supreme Court for now, I KNOW that there is NO law made of man that should, can or will silence my voice in prayer. This too is protected in our Constitution. As I have asked that your public voices be heard I also ask, in this battle for our Freedom, each and every one also let you voices be heard in prayer.

I am so thankful for the courage and valor of “Dr. Orly” and have truly been moved to tears by one who came here from another land and has taken upon herself to fight those gaining power that would seemingly have so little regard for our Constitution and our Freedom. I am proud of her beyond words.

As a Military Officer and American I am keenly aware that our freedom is not a debt, but has been bought and paid for with untold sacrifice and with sacrifice must be defended. Do not despair however in this hour regardless of the events of this day. Take heart and help Orly and all those fighting for us; if for nothing else do it for “Old Glory”.

So if and until God again opens a door so that my voice again can be heard in a public forum, I leave you with this:

The critical words of Barak Hussein Obama regarding the faults in our Constitution and our Country.

The constitution states what governments can not do TO you....."the constitution does not say what your country should do for YOU on your behalf. "

In other word he is saying the Constitution should spell out what the Country should do for YOU .

The words of JFK

…."Ask NOT what your country can do for YOU but ask what YOU can do FOR your Country ". Fight for her, stand up for her !!