Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A raft of subpoenas

Dr. Orly sent out many subpoenas in the last day or so, associated with Bush's executive order on Friday afternoon:

For example, the subpoena sent to the FBI is:

An attachment included was

Attachment 3

As per Executive Order: Granting Reciprocity on Excepted Service and Federal Contractor Employee Fitness and Reinvestigating Individuals in Positions of Public Trust, see attached, please provide copies of any and all records in regards to level of character and conduct necessary pertaining to Barack H. Obama, a/k/a Barack H. Obama, II a/k/a Barry Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro. These documents have direct relation to holding a Position of Public Trust.

Documents to include:

Certified copy of original long vault birth certificate
Certified copies of any and all passports and passport applications held in the U.S., Indonesia, Great Britain and Kenya.
Certified copies of any and all school applications, school registrations, grant or student loan applications or funding received for Occidental College, Columbia University, Columbia College, Harvard University
Certified copies of any U.S. Port of Entry Records
Certified copies of any documentation pertaining to Social Security. Documentation showing multiple social security numbers being held
Certified copies of documentation showing a social security number being applied for in the state of Connecticut
Certified copies of immigration and naturalization records
Certified copies of any records showing legal name and name change

Orly also sent subpoenas to the Social Security Administration, Department of Education, Department of State, Department of Defense, CIA, Office of Personnel Management, Department of the Interior, IRS, Department of Health and Human Services, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Secret Service.