Thursday, December 18, 2008

Please forward to me the written objections to Obama presidency from Congr. Linder and other congr. and senators

Please forward to me written objections to Obama presidency from US Congressmen and Senators. I understand that Congressman Linder is the first one.

Please forward to me your videos, u-tube links and letters demanding att. generals and us attorneys to indict Obama for fraud and investigate expert reports in regards to his forged documents
Here is a letter from a reader

Dear Brilliant American Patriots;

In this article it tells that nowhere is it specified that one particular entity is responsible for vetting the presidential candidates. "They" just ASS-U-ME that the DNC or the RNC or whoever will check their own candidates background.

The other day I read an article that stated the phrase that says something to the effect of, "If the responsibility is not granted to the federal government by the Constitution and it is not granted to the states by the Constitution then those rights fall to the people." (Sorry, I can't find the article again.)

If there is not anything written specifically stating that a certain entity has the obligation to vet the presidential candidates than the job automatically falls to the people.

It is only my little mind that loves to believe in miracles but it just seems to me that the courts cannot claim "Standing" or anything else if any American citizen wants to see the candidate's proof of qualifications.

I realize that I do not have the exact quote but could someone please tell me WHY my logic isn't good enough to find out Obama's qualifications?

Along with that, is the following article that Andy sent around what we are going to try to do with Congress? I'm trying to keep up but you guys move rapidly.
Dr. Edwin Vieira has four degrees from Harvard University, but he has overcome this handicap and can speak intelligible English. Among many other accomplishments, Dr. Vieira is the author of the masterful Pieces of Eight, the definitive monetary history of the United States, which in the present financial debacle is more relevant than ever. I strongly recommend you read it.
Dr. Vieira is a consummate constitutional authority. He says that if just one member of the House and one member of the Senate were to challenge Hussein's eligibility to serve as President in writing when the Electoral College's votes arrive in the Senate, the Congress would have to conduct a full investigation, complete with witnesses, testimony and documents. Dr. Vieira urges you to get in touch with your Congressmen and Senators for the purpose.
Remember, you are not asking them to deny the presidency to Hussein. You are merely asking them to require him to prove his eligibility. This should be very easy to do for lame ducks like Tar Heel Elizabeth Dole, for instance, who has nothing political to lose and therefore nothing to fear. On her way out, lame ducks like her could have the last laugh by performing this historic service to the Constitution.
Just li'le ol' me,