Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Response to the anonymous

There is something I have to explain to anonymous and his statement "people have spoken", which echoes a similar statement I hear from the MSM. I recall that in the USSR the communist party bragged about the fact that the people have spoken and voted for them- some 99%. They were not talking about the fact that corrupt and controlled media wasn't telling people the truth. I see the same thing today in the States. Our corrupt and bought media didn't report a drop of truth about BO's ineligibility. They didn't explain to people, that Hi statue 338 allows Hi citizens to register their children born abroad in HI and get Hi birth certificate for them, they didn't report that the Natural Born citizen has to have both parents, that are citizens. People running the media need to wake up and smell the coffee before their empires are taken apart and they are slapped with fraud law suits. Wake up people, start reporting the truth and cut your losses.