Friday, December 19, 2008

No verification of legal name- Immediate subpoenas needed

Please write open letters to US attorney for Northern Illinois Patrick Fitzgerald, US att Mike Mukasey, director of FBI Robert Muller, + 9 Supremes+50 Att. Gen-s+ 455 Congressmen+100 Senators. Record your open letters on video and forward the letters and video.
We, the people demand to know immediately, what is Obama's legal name and any and all names and alieses. Is it Barry Soetoro, Barry Sutoro, Barry Toot, Barack Obama, Barack Hussein Obama? We demand to know any and all citizenships under all of these names, any and all criminal records under these names. We demand immediate subpoenas issued by the US att. office and offices of all the att.gen-ls for production of original BC+ any and all passports+ immigration and travel records+ school and university records
Orly Taitz

Dr Orly,

Please establish "reasonable doubt" to allow access to Obama's records with the following documents:

NEW -- Important -- please look at the index of the Ann Dunham's dissertation, "Peasant Blacksmithing in Indonesia", written in 1992, with references back to 1978.

Of significant IMPORTANCE is that she spells her last name "Sutoro" consistently in her OWN dissertation -- well-vetted by University staff and taking YEARS to write. Yet in her divorce decree that she kept going for 8 years, 1980 to 1988, Stanley Ann, Lolo and Maya (and presumably Barry) used an incorrectly spelled last name, "Soetoro." She should have had a driver's license to open the case and prove who she was.

I think this might give you "justifiable cause" in your investigations with the mother not correctly reporting last names and potentially confusing birth records, too.

Questions of aliases not disclosed, plus names not legally changed, could cause problems on Jan 8, 2009, when the EC votes are counted by Congress, and Jan 20, when Barack Obama is sworn in by his legal name by the Supreme Court Chief Justice...

Also, if you look at Debbie Schlussel's website talking about Barack Obama Jr's Selective Service application,, the postage date on the Selective Service application is July 29, 1980. BUT note that the trial start date for the divorce isn't until Aug 20, 1980, at the earliest. Wrong name, and or fraud?

The divorce papers Dr. Orly referenced in a recent video for "Stanley Ann Soetoro" are on Berg's website: There are possibly 7 documents from there you may not have. Please check for the new affidavits and other paperwork, like this ( and (

Also, this is a VERY recent article on Ann Dunham while she was in Indonenia and Pakistan, is written by her college professor an friend, Alice Dewey. "Ann Dunham -- a Personal Reflection" -- note that is subpoenas as in order, Mrs Dewey has noted on many occasions publicly she has a trove of letters from Ann Dunham and Barry Soetoro while they were overseas.

Lastly, I leave you with one tidbit I gleaned from the divorce papers:
Case 1D00-0-17619 (117619) (Initiator ID: A1530) — Stanley Ann Soeroto vs Lolo Soetoro Divorce Ct — Initiation date: 08-20-1980 Case terminated 11-26-1988 — Attorney William H. Gilardy Jr

The attorney for Stanley Ann's divorce in 1980, "Gilardy H William Jr," went on to become Hawaii DNC state attorney, as said in this 1998 article: "High court asked to act in vote dispute" -

Ironically, in 2006, William Gilardy is listed by name here "Who's Undoing the U.S. Constitution?"

He's still a Lawyer, still in Hawaii: "Gilardy William H, Esq" in Honolulu, (808) 237-4100.

Restated: The attorney that helps Obama's mother get a divorce in 1980, goes on to be the DNC state attorney by 1998, listed in "Who's Undoing the U.S. Constitution?" in 2006, and is today an Esquire in Hawaii. What are the odds of that???

If I can help you further, please drop me a line anytime

Thank you, BB