Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Message to MSM- I told you so

Recently numerous members of MSM voiced their dissatisfaction with Obama: Keith Olbertman, Rachel Madden and others. Sorry to say guys, but I told you so.
Numerous groups have blindly supported Obama, while I was telling you all along: "You are foolishly expecting more freedoms, but you will get less" This man has no track record, everything about his past is sealed, hidden, distorted and manipulated. LGBT community is upset today and felt it was thrown under the buss. I guarantee you soon enough Jewish community and all the other supporters will feel the same. I was telling you: "you can't pay attention or give any credence to flowery speeches given at the AIPAC convention, because equally flowery speeches were given to the PLO (the speeches, that were sealed and hidden by LA Times).
Let me remind you a few lessons from history. Who led the 1979 revolution in Iran? Students and intellectuals, seeking change and more freedoms. What did they get? Ayatollah Khomeini and Mahmud Ahmadinejad.(enough said) Who led the communist revolution in Russia, November 7, 1917? Students and intellectuals, seeking change and freedoms. What did they get? Stalin and Gulag.(enough said)
That is why I am saying, all of us, Right Left and Center need to join in one endeavor, one stride: demand to see this man's past, demand to see his original birth certificate that is sealed in HI, that should say the name of the hospital and the name of the doctor, so we can see if he really was born in this country. We need to demand his immediate production of documents or consent for production of his passports, immigration records and university enrollment records: so we can ascertain, what citizenship does he have? Is it American or Indonesian, Kenyan or British? All of you should demand those records on the air immediately, we can clear up this controversy in one day, once and for all.

When there is no real transparency, honesty or integrity, sooner or later every one ends up under the buss, a sacrificial lamb at the altar of one man's overinflated ego and unyielding desire for grip on power.
Orly Taitz