Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do not leave Americans with silence « td blog

Do not leave Americans with silence « td blog: "By Dr. Kate, an Exclusive for the TD Blog

TD Foreword: Dr. Kate shared with me this letter that she recently sent to Chief Justice John G. Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court, and I asked her if I could publish it. Regular readers know that I am not optimistic that the Court will have the courage to get involved in clarifying Article II’s natural-born citizen clause in the context of Obama’s eligibility, although I believe that they should. However, I will continue to publish intelligent commentaries on the question of Obama’s eligibility, and Dr. Kate is one of the wisest contributors on the subject I’ve come across. She, as well as Judah Benjamin, will always have a home here on this blog so long as it exists.

I want to thank Dr. Kate for her patriotism, perseverance, and time-consuming research." Read more.