Friday, December 19, 2008

Great idea from Unalienable Rights, call federal newsRadio, demand immediate vetting of Obama

-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

There's a radio station in Wa. D.C. called FederalNewRadio which I believe needs to be plagued with tons of emails to get the Obama story spread around the Wa. D.C. area. You can kisten to this radio station LIVE off of the internet.

This radio station is now conducting ineterviews with individuals charged with making federal job appointments and who are required to vett ALL new employees who are being consdered for jobs

This radio station interviews many govlernment employee unions and government agencies personnel.

The attorneys who are filing lawsuits need to have exposure on this radio station, imo.

AFGE "American Federation of Government Employees" needs to begin pursuing the vetting of Obama as the transition team in Wa. D.C. is now accomplishing with the hiring of new employees who are being looked at for employment in the Oblammma admin.

The NEW employees are said to have to answer apx 65 questions and then become security cleared to hold a government job.