Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lightfoot is being resubmitted to Chief Justice Roberts. See analysis

I am writing an open letter to Chief Justice Roberts, I am resubmitting the petition to him. I could use an easy route and resubmit to Thomas and Scalia, but we already know that they are voting for the constitution. My concern is that twice during conferences the full court voted against the petitions, de facto against the constitution. At least 4 Justices had to vote yes for the petition to go to the oral argument. Since it didn't go there, it means that not only liberal Justices: Souter, Stevens, Bryer and Ginsburg and swing vote Kennedy voted against, but one of the conservative Justices: Roberts or Alito voted against as well, and I decided to zero in and see, which one is it. I need to resubmit not to Thomas or Scalia, but to either Roberts or Alito and by process of elimination, I will know which one is it. He will not be able to hide behind the conference anymore. I decided to write to Roberts. It will be an open letter, that will be posted on the Internet, it will be read at the numerous radio stations around the country, including the radio stations around all the military bases, it will be in the video form on U-tube, the whole country will be watching him. Roberts will not be able to hide, he will have to show to the whole nation, whether he is for the constitution of this country or whether he is ready to tear it apart in favor of some new world order conceived by a few bankers and the trilateral commission.
Additionally, Roberts has a duty to swear in the new president. This duty can be seen as a ministerial duty.
Lastly, the candidate needs to put his hand on a bible, that says that bear false witness is an abomination and I wonder, how Roberts, a Catholic, feels about it, based on all the massive fraud committed by Obama.
If at the end of the day our Judiciary, our law enforcement and our government fails us, we will have the right to remove the usurper using all means necessary. Our army is sworn to uphold the constitution, they have the right to remove the usurper from the White house to uphold the constitution, and we still have our second amendment right and we might need to use it to defend our rights and freedoms, guaranteed to us by our constitution.