Thursday, December 18, 2008

AOL Survey Shows People are Concerned

According to an informal AOL Survey, of more than 88,000 respondents so far nationwide, only 42 percent believe that there is no merit to this Eligibility Controversy. In all but 7 US states and the District of Columbia, most citizens feel that there are unanswered questions about Obama's eligibility.

The Electoral College voted on December 15, 2008, and now the votes are being tabulated in each state. Soon these votes will be sent to the National Archives. On January 8, 2009, the new Congress will convene to consider results of the Electoral College vote. Congress is constitutionally required to discuss the validity of these votes and address any eligibility questions at this meeting.

U.S. legislators take an oath to defend the US Constitution. Given the growing concern of the public with the Eligibility Controversy, every House member and Senator should be prepared to raise their voices in support of the interests of their constituents. Our elected members of the House and Senate should live up to their oaths. They must live up to their oaths. They must listen to the people.

If House members and Senators disregard the oaths they took, they will have trouble in the next election. If House members and Senators ignore the will of the large segment of people concerned with Obama's eligibility when the House and the Senate convene on January 8, 2009, the citizens will pass judgement in the next election. With Congressional job approval ratings at historic lows, can any members of Congress afford to have a cavalier attitude about this vital question?

Make sure you contact the Senators and Congressmen, and let them know that you are concerned! This is of the utmost importance.

Robert Stevens

Addendum: Who is on the Fringe Now?

With only 42 percent of those responding to the AOL poll unconcerned about eligibility, and more than half of those surveyed believing there is a question about Obama's elibility, it is a bit tough to say that the Eligibility Controversy is just a "fringe issue". In fact, it appears that those who believe that Obama is eligible, no matter what the evidence suggests, are more accurately described as belonging to a "crazy fringe" group.