Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Plains Radio report of the 12.08.08. press conference

WILD Days in DC Continue Tues 12-09-08

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Wild Days in DC Continue...

Tues 12-09-08 7:30 AM

Who knows what will happen today. 8 hrs of solid rack time, and I'm good-to-go. Twisted an ankle in all the commotion yesterday, so now I'm gimpin' around a bit. Swell, but no matter...this is history. If you see me in any pics or video, I'm the kind of odd-looking guy with black hair to the shoulder. Must run. Will check in w/bloggers as possible through the day.

Joe Thunder

Here's an audio Blog

Update from Pastor Manning's representative - 10:10AM EST.

Joe, I was @ the NPC yesterday. The unnamed ABC newsperson was Vicki Mabrey, an Nightline correspondent, fmrly of 60 Minutes (I have her card as proof). Please cite this info as an unnamed confirmed source. She walked out prior to Pastor Manning speaking. Peace :)

Wild Day in DC Monday 12-08-08
I barely know where to begin. OK. Big news for Tues 12-9-08 and Friday 12-12-08. Leo Donofrio's case was denied today, BUT Cort Wrotnowski's case was distributed for conference by all nine SCOTUS Justices this coming Friday morning. Leo's legal arguments were a large bases portion of Cort's. Leo strengthened the arguments in Cort's case, AND both Leo and Cort are heading to the SCOTUS Tues to file a supplemental brief further strengthening Cort's case. They will answer questions from the media at the SCOTUS steps at 11:00AM.

This is far from over. Leo is fired up. Let the media know that Leo and Cort will be there at 11:00 AM Tues.

And it gets even better - my eyes are still crossed. I attended the most amazing press conference anyone could imagine today. The room was packed overflowing. (It was probably the same room at the National Press Club used by Rev Wright ranting on after Obama didn't want him too. I'll try and find out...Poetic isn't it?.) Philip J. Berg, Esq., Bob Shultz, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq, and the ever lovable, Pastor James Manning, just SPANKED a room full of press with four big professional vid cams running, etc. Wow. It was hard not to cheer, and Pastor Manning got an ovation even in there!

I got it on tape.

You'll never see this in MSM. We'll have it produced and posted by Tues early afternoon PST. It's 90+ minutes. You can see the whole thing.

Some Highlights include:

Bob Schultz telling us how he's been fighting the disassembly of the Constitution for 30 years. He'll NEVER give up.

Phil Berg telling us what's he's doing legally above and below the radar, and how he'll NEVER give up. (His brother passed away on Sat, and he's still here working hard today.)

Pastor Manning talks about Obama's influence and example on young people, and how unpopular Pastor Manning is in Harlem right now.

Dr. Orly telling us about the big name plaintiffs with standing in her newest suit going to the SCOTUS. Note: Orly escaped the former USSR in 1987. She's as motivated an individual as I have ever seen. She just blasted the MSM. My hair remains blown back. Just seeing that alone was worth the trip!

These people are Patriots.

BTW - On the way out, the ABC Newsperson told Orly, "Just Go Home." That's the wrong thing to tell Orly....stay tuned. Big media was in the room, but most would not identify themselves. I'll report it as I get it.


PS. It's been 24 hrs with no food or sleep, and I just wolfed a sandwich like an animal. Busy, busy busy. We're working hard here. I'll be phoning in updates to Plains Radio and Overnight AM later.

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