Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Demand for Retraction

These letters are in response to a completely garbled account of the press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC on December 8, 2008, written by Jeff Schreiber, a law student.

Mr. Schreiber,

I understand that you are a law student and I hope that one day, when you will become an attorney (god willing) you will make sure your statements are accurate.
I have a full DVD of the press conference and a number of things that you have reported were absolutely not true

1. I never compared Mr. Obama to Black Panters

2. I never mentioned Adolph Hitler

3 I did not come from Chechnya

4 As you mentioned yourself, Mr. Schulz's lengthy "speech exceeded the attention span of the audience by leaps and bounces", which in simple English meant that the audience was simply falling asleep. I needed to wake up the audience and make sure they are on board again and brought a couple of humorous remarks to do just that. I've mentioned that the FCC has sanctioned the media for indecency in Janet Jackson's costume malfunction, however the media was not sanctioned for totally misrepresenting the truth in the Obama's lack of eligibility. It was one of those remarks that woke up the audience and made them listen and understand how indecent our media is, starting from Keith Oberman, Chris Matheus, Tom Brokaw, Anderson Cooper, Charlie Gibson and all the rest. After about a million times it was presented to them, the statue 338-176, that shows that Hawaiian residents can register in Hawaii the birth of their children, born abroad and it can be done based on a statement of one relative only, meaning a grandma could've gone to register in HI her grandchild that was actually born abroad ant that's why the short BC is worthless. After a year of explaining this simple point to them, our media still sticks in our faces this worthless short BC.

I trust that your retraction and apology will come shortly


Orly Taitz ( a licensed attorney, not a law student)


1. I mentioned Eldridge Cleaver only in the contest of Cleaver v Jordan, when he was removed from the ballot for being only 34 years old and not eligible; likewise Obama is not eligible for not being a natural born citizen. It never came in connotation of Obama being compared to black panthers and you have to clarify this point.

2. I never insinuated Hitler. I have the full dvd and I made a point of watching it start to finish with my husband and we didn't find it anywhere. You have to make a correction on that point. You clearly misunderstood something.

3. I noticed another mistake: you said that the Keyes case was dismissed- it is incorrect, it wasn't, and it wasn't in the Supreme court of CA

4. Lightfoot v Bowen was in the Supreme Court of CA, the judges reviewed it within 2 days and stayed till 10 in the evening on Friday the 5th to render a decision. It was clear that in such a liberal state they would not give a stay, but by staying till 10 on Friday and giving me a green light to go to SCOTUS, they showed that they are really concerned.

5. There was a reason, why I talked about the media. A number of people in the media have told me that they are concerned about the issue, but afraid to talk, because they will be fired. If you read Blagojevich indictment, you would see how Chicago Tribune was pressured in firing reporters that speak up the truth. To change the media bias, it is important to follow the money trail. A number of my readers had sent me letters to, saying that they noticed a big change in FOX reporting after (reportedly) a number of the shares were purchased by Saudi Arabia. Over 3,000 people visited my blog after the show. A few were dumb Obama thugs, but vast majority were concerned citizens that are outraged by both Obama and media. A number stated that they are writing to FCC, demanding sanctions. If you can investigate the money trail and show where there was corruption, you can help in this endeavor and clean up the media.

6. I was born in Kischinev. It is on the boarder between Soviet Union and Romania, nowhere near Chechnia. My peculiar accent comes from speaking 5 languages and understanding more then that.

7.You seem to twist everything positive into negative. You said "dentist turned constitutional lawyer" I am still a dentist and run 2 dental practices and a family with 3 children. I am licensed as both a dentist (over 20 years of experience) and an attorney licensed in all courts of CA, Federal court and soon to be licensed in the Supreme Court of US. How many people can do this? In regards to Constitutional law: everybody seems to be an expert, but very few do anything. Nobody wants to do anything pro-bono. I took over this matter because I care about this country, it is important to me that people have their liberties, free speech, free press. When others don't step up to the plate- some people make an extra effort. You, Jeff, can file a legal action pro se. You don't have to be a licensed attorney to do that. It is easy to criticize, why don't you help with legal research?
You are welcome to publish this letter with your retraction and corrections. Please ask if any of your readers would like to help- they can e-mail me to


Posted by Robert Stevens