Tuesday, December 9, 2008

After Press Conference yesterday over 3000 people visited the blog

Over 3,000 visitors have read my blog yesterday. A number of people have agreed about the need to sanction the media for their indicensy in manipulating and twisting the truth about Obama's lack of eligibility. A number of people want to write open letters to FCC. Please let me know who wants to be involved in this project? If you do, please contact Ms. Pamela Barnett, she is spearheading this project. bp_realestate@yahoo.com
2. Ones that want to be involved with HAVA complaints, please contact Ms. Lisa Ostella lisaostella@hotmail.com
3. If you are a retired military, please contact Mr. Neil Turner nturner@sbcglobal.net
4. if you are in active military call Captain's America Radio captmattbruceret@tampabay.rr.com
5. if you are intersted in demonstrating contact Mr. Young misvoted@yahoo.com
6. if you would like to write to the authorities contact mr Stevens hound9_9@yahoo.com
7. if you would like to write to the justices, contact Sarah wingandprayer@comcast.net

At the rate of responses we are getting, we will have about 100,000 in one month of this blog's existance. In connection with other groups we will have large numbers. A lady by name Megan Gener mentioned 50 million silent supporters.
We can make a difference and we have to, we owe it to our children