Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All Electors Should do this Today

James Hochberg, the attorney leading the Hawaii lawsuit fight, advises that December 9, 2008 is the deadline for electors to file objections in their state elections, Secretary of State or similar office. Hochberg and Judge Bell discussed this issue and decided that they need all of their elector clients, WHETHER SUCCESSFUL, VOTING ELECTORS OR NOT, to file a simple objection like the sample below (feel free to use the sample verbatim.)

“I object to the Electoral College members votes being given to Barack Hussein Obama II because I am not satisfied that his birth records indicate he is qualified for the office of President under the requirements of Article II of the U.S. Constitution; and because he has not made his birth records available to answer the question notwithstanding having been sued on that issue in courts across the country.”

If you are an elector in your state, please send this letter, by certified mail if possible, to the Secretary of State of your state, or your State Elections Commission, or other state body responsible for supervising elections.