Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ABC reporter Vicky Mabrey- a black racist?

After the press conference at National Press Club Dr. Orly talked to the ABC reporter Vicky Mabrey (an African American woman) and asked her why doesn't she report about Mr. Obama not being eligible for presidency and why doesn't she report about all the rampant fraud surrounding Obama. Mabrey was trying to find excuses for Obama's behavior. Dr. Orly told her that she should have journalistic integrity and seek the truth instead of looking for excuses for Obama. Mabrey ended up asking Dr. Orly where Dr. Orly was from. Dr. Orly said that she was born in former Soviet Union. Mabrey responded, "go home".

People can be white racists and black racists. This woman was rude, unprofessional and acted as a Black racist. If I were to behave in a similar fashion and were to tell her to go home back to Africa, then ABC and CNN and the rest of our main stream media would've crucified me. This shows how the political correctness in our country reached the level of total insanity. When people are talking about fraud perpetrated by Obama, they are being harassed and intimidated and called racist, but a black reporter feels it's okay to make racist statements about others.

Meanwhile Obama is treating 300 million Americans as a herd of brainless sheep refusing to provide any information, showing him eligible for presidency.

Tim Johnson

An open Letter to ABC News from Dr. Orly Supporters

Your ABC reporter, Vicky Mabrey was most out of line, unprofessional and blatantly racist in her "Go home" comment to Dr. Orly regarding concerns over why Mabrey chose to not report the authenticity of Obama's supposed citizenship and the fraud surrounding him. It seems you, too, should be questioning Mabrey's integrity and worth considering her disgusting behavior. Talk about calling the kettle black.

You know, Don Imus learned a valuable and costly lesson not too long ago when he elected to make a stupid, thought-less and racist remark. Is Mabrey truly the face of ABC you want represented or can she get by with inappropriateness simply because of her color? Hmm...That would be a double standard. We'll be curious to see the repercussions your employee, Mabrey receives. At the very least she owes Dr. Orly a public apology.

Mabrey might be reminded, if you keep her on, that she open her mouth to report the news and keep her opinions and biases to herself.

Jon & Rogette Huntington

A cartoon about this incident is featured on the blog, Politicode.

Posted by Tim Johnson