Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday a record number of 21,500 people visited our blog

I wanted to thank everybody for concern and well wishes. I just got ome from TX after some 48 hours with only 3 hours of sleep.
TX judge Burt Carnes has allowed me to represent Jody Brockhausen against Secretary of State of TX, he has signed my application to represent her Pro Hac Vice (out of state attorney), but his decision was that he has no jurisdiction to hear the case in the state court. It looked like his mind was made even before the hearing. He asked Assistant Attorney General how much time does she need, she stated 15-20 minutes, his response was that he needs only 3 minutes. He didn't even ask the plaintiff if she needs any time. When I protested, he originally was not willing to let me talk. When I asked him to allow me to represent her pro hac vice, pro bono after I made an effort of flying and driving from CA all night long, he stated that he didn't sign pro hca vice application, at which time I told him that there is nothing preventing him from signing it now. He finally agreed. I've stated that the examples given by the AJ relate to Fed Court and issues before the elections.
To the best of my knowledge there is nothing in TX law or precedents preventing a citizen from having standing and presenting a grievance and seeking resolution of violation of her civil rights in seeking verification of eligibility and legitimacy of the siting president. Judge Carnes provided no response and simply stated that there is no jurisdiction and pretty much told us to go, which we certainly did by going straight to the US attorney's office with a criminal complaint whereby my client's civil rights under 1st, 14 9 and 10th amendment were violated. If there is no jurisdiction in Federal court and State court, then the citizens have there civil rights de facto taken away from them and they are reduced to a level of slaves. A group of patriots and I had a meeting with Assistant US attorney Chris Peele and Chief US Attorney for the North-Western district of TX for Criminal matters, Richard Durbin. Mr. Durbin agreed to hear the matter and asked for our paperwork. We were shocked to find out how little they knew about the matter. Mr. Peele told us that he was under the impression that the case was heard on the merits. They had no clue that no Obama ineligibility case was ever heard on the merits, not one judicial subpoena was ever issued and nobody has ever seen his original birth certificate.
Currently we are coordinating efforts to schedule personal meetings of groups of volunteers with Chief US attorneys for criminal matters in each and every district of the US. Mr. Ken Burr and George Lewis will be in charge of this projct. email MR Burr