Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rick Warren- a man of no faith

During the inauguration pastor Rick Warren announced that Obama is a son of an African-American immigrant. The whole point is that Obama Sr. was never an immigrant in this country, he was here on a student visa and never even had a green card. The definition of the Natural born citizen, is one born in the country to parents (both) that are citizens of the country. For this reason alone Obama was never legitimate for presidency. Additionally there is no corroborating evidence that Obama was really born in Hawaii and Obama has reportedly spent over 800,000 to keep sealed his original birth certificate that costs $12 to obtain. Would any honest man do that?
I personally drove to Rick Warren's Saddleback church in Lake Forest CA and related to a pastor on duty and 3 assistants that I have important information about Obama's illegitimacy for presidency and asked for a meeting with Rick Warren before the inauguration. I never heard from him back. How can one calling himself a man of faith promote this fraud called Obama. I need a network of volunteers to meet with pastors, ministers, rabbis, priests- real men of faith of any denomination to build our numbers in the community of believers all over this great nation, to end the travesty of justice called Obama. If you want to take charge in your area, in your state e-mail me at