Thursday, January 22, 2009

Supplemental Brief has been Distributed!

Ok everyone, thank you very much for the help. Danny Bickell called Orly while she was waiting to get on a plane in Texas to tell her to stop having all of us call the Supreme Court.

Well Danny, it wasn't Orly that did that. It was me ::waves to Danny!:: 'Hi Danny!' Glad you stopped by the blog! I posted it! I actually had to leave my desk. When you didn't call me back, I had to shout out for help. Thank you everyone!

Orly had to explain to Mr. Bickell when he called her how we citizens got concerned when we saw the information about the cases we have all supported, worked on, and followed disappear from the docket.

Orly also had to explain to Mr. Bickell that many of us citizens are also concerned about the 8 out of 9 justices meeting privately with Mr. Obama. No reporters were allowed. No attorneys were invited on behalf of the Plaintiffs. This causes many of us citizens to question the rules of judicial ethics and causes us to question the impartiality on behalf of the justices.
Quite a number of people have contacted their senators and congressmen because of this meeting and want the justices impeached because the plaintiffs and attorneys weren't present.

But the good news is, the supplemental brief was added and distributed to the justices!
Thank you Danny ::waves!:: And thank you Carol!

This Supplemental Brief contains a copy of the legal action by Attorney Orly Taitz that was filed on behalf of Ambassador Dr. Allen Keyes, Wiley S. Drake and Markham Robinson in the Federal Court, Central District of Santa Ana, California. It is a legal action challenging the legitimacy of the Presidency of Barack Obama under the Executive Order issued by President Bush on January 16th. This action is seeking the mandate for the US State Department, the FBI and the Director of the Personnel Department to seek the documents for verifying Obama's legitimacy as President and also his citizenship of the United States.

Today on CNN, Wolf Blitzer announced that President Obama is a man of his word and wants to instill transparency within the government. Well, let him start with himself. Show us you are a man of your word and release your passport history, your vault birth certificate and your applications, registrations, grant/loan information from your college years.