Saturday, January 24, 2009

Letter to Medved written by Steve Marquis, electronic engineer from Seattle, family man with children and grandchildren, fighting to preserve sanity.

Defamation of Character
Sent to:
I hear you trashed Dr Orly. Will you also defame me. I was the 1st to sue the secretary of state. Many other fine citizens have followed suit. I have never seen such amazing selfless dedication to the constitution and our fellow man. I can tell you a great deal as to what I have seen in this movement and Orly's participation. She has spent a tremendous amount of her own cash and has received only small donations in comparison. She has spent an enormous amount of time and energy to carry this torch of freedom. She has flown across the nation and to far flung places at midnight to help a fellow citizen. She is an astounding patriot; an immigrant who knows 1st hand a little something about tyranny. She, I and many others are fighting with every thing we have to try and preserve that constitution that you abused recently.
We have a valid case and thousands of us are working diligently to bring this Usurper to square with the law. The cases and essays therein are no rants and the folks behind this quest are not wackos. It seems the only defense against our facts is to argue - "no big names are backing you so you must be nuts" - What kind of journalism is that???
Show us why we are wrong. I would very much like to be wrong. I know that is true of Orly and every leader in this movement. I am beginning to think the talk show jockeys have lost their spine. If it's just ignorance Michael - allow for some education. Orly, Myself - I can give you other names if you desire of very well spoken individuals that can articulate the case against Obama.
Steve Marquis