Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Letter from reader Mr. Warren

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "D. Warren" View contact details To: dr_taitz@yahoo.com, attorney@stephenpidgeon.comI wanted to say thank you for all of your continued efforts to simply protect the Constitution. I know that if Obama fully met the qualifications for President that each of you would respect him. However, the facts are the facts, and when we waiver from the Supreme Law of the land that every other law enacted must be encompassed within, there is no system of laws. Just an added fact as you proceed through the Federal System, let the Federal Courts and Supreme Court know that if they openly fail to protect the Constitution, which created them and established them to be the Guardians of its content, there is no longer any system of justice because the Constitution which governs all laws is now dissolved. That said, then all orders, verdicts, and/or outcomes in every court of law is now MOOT because of the judicial branch's breach of trust. The Constitution is written where it states that contraversies arising out of the Constitution. Therefore, it was penned that no state or federal laws have to be broken in order for a contraversy to arise under the Constitution because it is the Supreme Law. Moreover, the Federal Courts have all deviated from the Constitution by prolonging the hearing of the Contraversies that exist and setting a precedence to address the matter going forward. In their actions, the Courts are outside of the Constitution and cannot make firm rulings until they have conformed to the intent of the framers. How can you rely on the Federal Courts' or Supreme Court's rulings on cases that involves life or death, or those involving or affecting the citizen's liberties, or affecting their pursuit of happiness when they will not guard the Constitution as they have been charged by the Document? Look at it this way----Our Government is GONE!! The Executive Branch would not investigate the charges, probably a very short investigation with its far-reaching resources; the Legislative Branch, after failing to pass a law to allow Obama to be President, confirms him as President Elect; and after all the cases that have shown a contraversy of some sort before the Federal Court and especially the Supreme Court, the nine justices will not even rending a written order to show that they have made their decisions on sound jurisprudence!!!! Thank you again for your tireless efforts, and I wish you God's Blessings!!