Saturday, January 24, 2009

From reader Dena

Bravo to you, Dr. Orly, for what you are doing for this country to uphold our Constitution. I have one question: "What on earth are the nine Justices thinking? Barack Obama is salivating to get rid of them - for them to retire so he can put his people in. What are the Justices thinking? He does not give a fig about them - and would replace them all now if he could. WAKE UP, SCOTUS! This man is a fraud - he is Constitutionally ineligible - and you have no political merit with him - except to do as he wants - which is look the other way. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are shouting "What is going on?! This man deceived us. If he is Constitutionally ineligible, ACT! I hope the Justices realize that they have nothing to gain with this man for falling into his scheme. These Judges are not appointed to think "politically" or "popularly" - they are appointed to uphold the US Constitution, the words our founding fathers penned to preserve and secure this country from danger. Never have we needed their words more than now - and never have we needed people with the strength to uphold those words - as much as now. Please do not give up, Dr. Orly - it has to be draining - and all the negative press - my hope is that the Justices will act on one of the lawsuits - I still believe in justice. I wonder, too - will our military step up? Will finally they declare they cannot serve and support a Constitutionally ineligible President? They have been placed in a difficult position. Will they finally say "enough!" God's speed to you, Dena M I have written many letters and will continue to - I do wish we could organize a peaceful march on Washington.