Monday, November 24, 2008

We need to apply more pressure on the media, we need the boycott

Greta van Susteren demands Obama's BC. It looks like writing campaign of thousands of volunteers, threatening boycott of media and their advertisers is starting to work, and we need to apply more pressure demanding decency and journalistic integrity from the media and disclosure of info on all the law suits against Obama or boycott of the ones that refuse to do so, let's boycott them and their advertisers and sponsors. Greta and others need to have some guts and some backbone and talk about it on the air, not just on their blogs, where it is safe,so that millions of viewers know that there is an issue of Obama being a British citizen at birth (based on his fathers citizenship), that the court will hear the Donofrio case on December 5. 300 million Americans have a right to know and need to be prepared that there is a good possibility that the court will decide that Obama cannot be the next president of the US and we need to move quickly to resolve this issue: will it be McCain or whether there will be a new election and probably the contest between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.