Monday, November 24, 2008

Media Coverage

The shows I've been at are as follows:
Jan Mickelson 515-245-8862
Lan Lamphere 405-307-0752
Peter Boyles 303-847-6267
Wiley Drake 714-865-8132
Joe Thunder
will be back on Peter Boyles
Tom Hoefling
was on a station in Baltimore
2 stations in NY ( one of them is Steven Malzberg)
Wiley Drake KNBC
What's right what's wrong radio
articles in Orange County Register -largest Circulation here in OC
NBC Augusta, GA
Drudge report
World News Daily
Mission Viejo dispatch
all of the bloggosphere
yesterday at the White House press conference Bush's press secretary Dana Perrina was asked, if Pres. Bush is concerned about Barack Obama not being eligible for presidency based on the fact that according to the Alan Keyes law suit, he is not a natural born citizen, her response reportedly was "we think, we are fine on that'