Saturday, November 29, 2008

Need Help in Search

Barack Obama attended 3 expensive private universities: Occidental, Columbia and Harvard. Barack Obama has a half brother Mark Ndsandjo (Obama, Nidesand, Nidersand) his father was Barack Obama, Sr. His mother was Ruth Nidesand, an American preschool teacher, third wife of BO,Sr. Mark also attended 3 expensive US universities: Columbia, Stanford and Emory.

In Barack Obama's book and Jerry Corsi's book, Mark was quoted, saying that for him Barack Obama Sr. was dead, even when he was alive, since he was a drunk, a wife beater, a bigamist and didn't support his family. Ann Dunham's 1980 divorce from Lolo Soetoro shows that they didn't have any property and she was not getting any child support. The question is, how could these two half brothers afford to go to three expensive private universities in the US? One of the possibilities, (aside from help from a Saudi family) is in grants and scholarships that are given to students from the third world countries, such as Kenya and Indonesia.

I wonder if one of the volunteers can take charge of the search and file freedom of information act requests for info on Barack Obama's grants? He was supposed to put citizenship there and that is an "admission against interest", if he put Kenya or Indonesia or both. One possibility is a Fulbright Fellowship (his father was a recipient). Please e-mail me at