Monday, November 24, 2008

Second legal action by Philip J Berg

Philip J Berg's action to de-certify Mr. Obama from the Presidential election ballot is currently awaiting resolution in the Supreme Court. Recently Mr. Berg has filed a second action as a realtor under False Claims Act. He is stating that according to affidavits obtained, Mr. Obama was born in Kenya and is not considered to be a Natural Born citizen and is not eligible to be the President of the US. Additionally, he states that there is no record of him going through the immigration and he is not the Naturalised citizen either, therefor he was not qualified to be the Senator either. Based on the above Mr. Obama has to refund the Federal government the salary and benefits that he received during his tenure as a senator. Mr. Berg is seeking a reward as a whistleblower, which might be around 15% of the total amount actually recovered by the government.
I have talked to Mr. Berg on the phone and questioned about this legal action. Mr. Berg stated that his main motivation is not the money, but rather applying pressure on Mr. Obama in order to force him to disclose necessary information and present the documents requested.
berg v. obama initial filings dct. DC.pdf (2181KB)