Saturday, December 6, 2008

Media Bias?

Over the years, I have heard the charges of media bias over and over. I have been pretty skeptical about such claims in many cases, to be honest.

However, my experience with this Obama Eligibility Controversy has me wondering about media bias a bit more than I would have expected. Most of the mainstream media, including even most of the more conservative media, seems to ignore this issue.

Here is an interesting example. On December 6, 2008, the "right wing" Washington Times featured an article by Tom Ramstack, who wrote about the Donofrio case in an article entitled "Decision on Obama citizenship pending". Ramstacked claimed that there was a "protest" of about 6 people outside the Supreme Court on December 5, 2008. Here are some pictures of this vigil. I do not know about you, but it sure looks like more than 6 people to me. Did Ramstack arrive late, after everyone had already left? Did Ramstack arrive too early before people had congregated? Does Ramstack have trouble counting? I just do not know what to think.

Robert Stevens