Monday, December 1, 2008

5th Obamagate case reaches the Supreme Court

5Th Obama case has reached the Supreme Court:
1. Philip J berg PA
2. Leo C Donofrio NJ
3. Chris Strunck NY
4. Cort Wrotnowski CT
5. Darrel Hunter TX
Cases from 15 more states are moving towards the Supreme Court.
We the People foundation has placed a full page add in the Chicago Tribune, Obama home turf demanding disclosure of birth certificate and all other pertinent documents.
More sabotage by the Supreme Court: Mr. Wrotnowski was told that his case was delayed by 7 days, because his Emergency Petition for Stay of Elections was forwarded to the Anthrax lab. Numerous phone calls were placed to the Supreme Court demanding answers, why was that Petition sent to the Anthrax lab, Mr. Wrotnowski is a law abiding citizen, a business owner, was never in trouble with the law. Why was his petition delayed by a week via sending it to the Anthrax lab. No response was received, no name of the clerk was given. These clerks are sabotaging anti Obama cases to put a foreigner in the White House, this is bordering on aiding and abetting treason. Please write to all 9 judges, let them know what is going on, demand to join all 5 cases currently in the Supreme Court, you can send them a copy of our Keyes v Bowen petition for Writ of Mandate as a supporting document. Currently I am working on filing a second case, representing another group of candidates, party officials, Certified Electors and Registered voters and I am assisting other attorneys all around the country, that are preparing similar actions and trying to match voters and electors in different states with attorneys that can represent them. Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Bob Stevens and Mrs. Lisa Ostella that have been working day and night and conducting research. I thank some 1700 supporters that have sent me e-mails and warm wishes. I was informed by plains radio that my interview with Joe Thunder was downloaded 20,000 times within 1 week. With a usual chain of 10 e-mail forwards per download, it means that some 200,000 heard this one of 6 interviews.
Please remember to write, e-mail, fax and keep calling all advertisers, sponsors and all your friends and relatives, ask all of them to boycott all the media outlets that are lying to the public, hiding the truth and are not disclosing the fact that Obama is not legally eligible to be the president. This media needs to feel, where it really hurts them, in their pockets.
God Bless all of you, Orly Taitz