Monday, February 2, 2009

More False Rumors in regards to the military

I just had a conference call with Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes, Attorney Gery Kreep (with whom I work on Dr. Keyes state case in CA)and other plaintiffs and officials. Mr. Kreep has told me and later has forwarded an e-mail from a gentleman that goes by name John Jay, though I don't believe that this is his real name. Mr. John Jay (or whoever he is, probably part of Obama administration) is sending e-mails to different people, saying that I just urge members of the military to disobey orders, that for no reason I am just telling people to disobey orders. This is not true. I am telling that I will be filing an action, seeking a writ of mandate from a judge to get Obama's original birth certificate and other vital records, to see if he is a natural born citizen and if he is a legitimate president and commander in Chief. This is not saying to disobey orders, this is demanding vital information, that every member of the military is entitled to obtain. Who is this man sitting in the White House?. Based on the information we have, this is Barry Soetoro, citizen of Indonesia and Kenya. If members of the military are following orders of somebody, who is a foreigner and not a legitimate President and commander in Chief, they are following illegal orders and can be subject to court martial. You can see below a letter that I received from Mr. Morgan Ward, who honorably served in the military for many years and who now has a show on Plains radio and who is a big supporter of mine. At the bottom of this e-mail is an e-mail from him, where he successfully used rule 138 and you can see my response. As a member of the military that risks his life or risked his life to defend the Constitution of this country against all enemy foreign and domestic you deserve to get some answers. If you feel that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama owes you to risk one minute of his precious time and sign a consent for release of all of his vital records, then contact me at and you can become one of the plaintiffs seeking release of such records.

This e-mail is sent in a blind-cc form to members of the military that have related to me interest in becoming plaintiffs in an action aimed in obtaing proper documentation, verifying Mr. Obama's qualifications as a commander in Chief. It is also sent to legal professionals that are assisting me in this endeavor. I would ask members of the military to feel out a grievance under rule 138, stating that they need to get proper documentation verifying that the Commander in Chief Mr. Soetoro-Obama is eligible due to the fact that he needs to be a Natural Born Citizen, and Mr. Obama refused to provide such documentation and kept all his vital records sealed in spite of 42 Legal actions filed in Federal courts alone (according to Justia) and probably similar number of legal actions filed in State courts.Definition of Natural Born Citizen is: One born in the country to parents (plural) that are citizens of that country. Vattel, law of Nations.Natural Born citizens of the US are ones born in the US to parents that don't owe any allegiance to any foreign sovereignty. Per John A Bingham, framer of the 14th amendment.1. At the inauguration ceremony it was stated that Mr. Obama is a son of an African-American immigrant. In reality Mr. Obama's father was here on a student visa and was never an immigrant in this country, and never even had a Green Card. He was Kenyan and since at that time Kenya was a British colony, he was a British citizen and transferred such British citizenship to his son at birth which in itself disqualifies Mr. Obama from Presidency and position of the Commander in Chief, regardless of where he was born: in US or Kenya.2. There are a number of sworn affidavits from Kenya stating that Mr. Obama was born there. State of HI statue 338 allows Foreign Born children of HI residents to get a certification of HI Live birth and it can be received base on a statement of one relative only. Mr. Obama never presented his original birth certificate and it stays sealed in the Health Department in Hi. He showed only a short version of Certification of Life birth issued in 2007, that is usually received when the original BC is not available, or altered, or illegible. HI health department confirmed that they have the original birth certificate, however they refused to provide to the citizens of this Nation any details: is it a BC of a foreign born child of a HI resident, was it obtained base on actual records from a hospital with a signature of a hospital official and the name and signature of the doctor, or was it obtained based on a statement of one relative only, who might be making a false statement in order to avoid going through expense and hassle of immigration procedures.3. Numerous volunteers have searched and checked hospital after hospital and no birthing records or vital records were ever found in any hospital in Hi.4. Additionally, around the age of 5 or 6 y. old Mr. Obama has immigrated to the Nation of Indonesia with his mother and stepfather Lolo Soetoro, and his school records from Indonesia show his name to be Barry Soetoro, citizenship -Indonesian. Since Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship, his parents had te relinquish his US citizenship in order to obtain Indonesian citizenship for him.5. When Mr. Soetoro-Obama came back to this country, he studied at Occidental college. Mr.Soetoro-Obama keeps his immigration records, passports and school and university enrollment records sealed, however a number of his former classmates from Occidental college made statements, that they remember him as Barry Soetoro. There is an entry in CA journal of Assembly, showing financial aid given to foreign exchange students among them Soetoro from Indonesia. Mr. Soetoro -Obama has stated that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981, when there was a ban on US citizens to travel to Pakistan and the only reasonable explanation is that he traveled on his Indonesian passport. All of these facts show that as an adult Mr. Soetoro has confirmed his allegiance to Indonesia, while relinquishing his US citizenship.Due to all of the above Mr. Soetoro -Obama is not eligible, not legitimate for the position of the Commander in Chief. Taking orders from an illegitimate commander in Chief will mean taking orders that are not lawful, which would expose the military personal to court martial. The serviceman--------(your name) requests investigation by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Pentagon of the matter. If members of Joint Chiefs of staff and Pentagon find that indeed Mr. Obama -Soetoro is ineligible, I would ask them to join as my plaintiffs in a legal action to be filed directly in the Supreme Court of the US, seeking removal of Mr. Obama from his position of President and Commander in Chief due to ineligibility and obtaining the position by virtue of fraudulent misrepresentation.Sincerely Dr. Orly Taitz Esq

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--- On Sun, 2/1/09, morgan ward wrote:

From: morgan ward
Subject: Follow up on Hotel accomodations in DFW and a suggested remedy for Obama to prove elligibility from the military
Date: Sunday, February 1, 2009, 6:04 AM

Dr Taitz, You had sent me an email as a representative of Plains Radio Network to assist you in locating availability of rooms for your April Conference. I have beed desperately inquiring and what I have come up with is not too positive. There are rooms available but spread all over the Dallas , Ft. Worth area, but not in Mass. I have been told that it would be nearly impossible to arrange such a large gathering in a close radius. I will still try as I want to help you find accomodations. In another matter. I would really like you to read and consider what I am going to share with you regarding an Article 138 UCMJ complaint. I am aware that you and Leo agree to the fact that ACTIVE duty military have the best chance at standing in a suit against Obama. I believe there is another way which would't require but one active duty personnel to initiate, and with NO harm to their Career. This is a little known method but I really believe can grant you huge dividends. Please take the time to consider the following. You may have to tweak the complaint and remedy a little, as I am just giving you the jest of my suggestion. The other part is the actual UCMJ article 138. Orly, I am a retired US Army SFC. Few people in the military are familiar with an Article 138 Investigation. While on Active duty, I felt I was wronged by my Battalion Commanding Officer, so I researched the UCMJ and found this: I filed an Article 138 Investigation upon my Commander and had never seen such a "hot potato". I literally brought my Field Artillery Battalion to a standstill for 2 days while the Battalion Commander decided what to do with my complaint. After my Commander had met with all of his aides and consulted legal advice from the US Army Jag Corps, I was granted exactly what I had demanded in my request for redress. This was both a written and an Oral appology to me by my Battallion Commander, (LTC) in front of 500 fellow officers and soldiers within my battallion. The beauty is that the person filing a grievance MUST be given a final Disposition, so this will eventually get to the Secretary of the Branch of Servive in which it is brought. in my case, it would have been the Secretary of the Army.And all of this without harming or in any way having any detrimental effect upon the person complaining. So, I offer the complaint: As a soldier I do not feel that President Barack Obama has proven his eligibility to be President of the US and therefore can't serve as Commander in Chief. I feel as though any order given to me now would be invalid as he is a Usurper. He has never been properly vetted and thus has never shown a vault copy of his birth certificate. I feel and I believe there is enough evidence to show that President Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen of the US and therefore is not qualified to be President in accordance to Article II of the US Constitution. My request for redress is that President Barack Obama be made to prove his eligibility by showing a certified, forensic proven, long copy of his Vault Copy of his Borth Certificate. This must include as a minimum his place of birth, attending physicians name, parents names and any other pertinent data required by the average citizen necessary in obtaining a US Passport. Below is the Actual Article 138 UCMJ Redress of Grievances: Article 138 of the UCMJ is one of the few provisions of the code that permits the service members to go on the offensive.This provision gives you the right to file a complaint against your Commanding Officer for ANY ( emphasis added by me) grievance you may have including harrassment, violations of your rights, unfair treatment, ect... ( again for ANY reason, added by me). Normally, before filing the complaint, you should seek to resolve the issue with your Commander. If this is not appropriate or not successful, you may file the complaint with the officer exercising General Court-Martial Authority over your Commander. ( In other words, this complaint keeps going upward thru the chain of command till resolved). The Commander MUST9 emphasis added by me) investigate the complaint and forward the results to the office of the Secretary of your Branch of Service, ( ie, The Secretary of the Army, Secretary of the Navy, etc). The manual for Court-Martials provide guidance on filing an Article 138 Complaint. In my case Orly, I just hand wrote my grievance and handed it to my Batallion Commander. The legal system took care of the rest. I can't emphsis enough, the Soldier must get an answer in resolving this. It will definately make it to the Secretary of the service originated in. There I know they will take appropriate action with the Joint Chief of Staff or Congress to get a resolution, otherwise the person originating the action would be free to disobey any order given to him/her. I hope you may use this as a basis to get Obama to prove his eligibility. This doesn't require 2000 military in a class action suit. It would only require one. It gets aroung the standing issue and will not harm the career of the person initiating the request. Just another thought as I hope it will help you. morgan ward830-980-2760