Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Orly has NOT overstepped ANY boundaries. It is Obama who has overstepped boundaries by taking the office of POTUS when he knows he is ineligible and in violation of our Constitution. Where are HIS MORAL and ETHICAL obligations? Where are HIS LOYALTIES? He has no respect for our laws, for our Constitution. He should have thought less about himself, his desires, his ego, and instead should have supported an ELIGIBLE democratic candidate for POTUS. Regardless of what Obama's vault bc says, whether it says he was born in Hawaii or on the moon, he is ALREADY INELIGIBLE because his father was not a US citizen. The Framers of our Constitution, Art II, said that ONLY a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN may be POTUS. Obama is not a natural born citizen. To be a natural born citizen, one must be born on U.S. soil, to parents who are BOTH U.S. citizens. This has to do with having comple! te loyalty and allegiance to our Country. Read the framers notes, letters, intent, in writing our Constitution - there is no question -- Obama knows this to be true, that is why he is so evasive regarding his records. Don't you want a President who upholds our Constitution? \r
Obama has divided loyalties to other countries, including Kenya and Indonesia