Saturday, December 13, 2008

Essence of Military Action

Essence of the Military action
Mr. Turner
the case will have just one count. Natural born citizen, is one that was born in this country to two US citizens. His father was not a US citizen, and therefor he is illegitimate for presidency. Additionally there is no corroborative evidence of him being born in HI, since HI statue 338-176, 338-178 allow Hawaiian residence to register in Hi their children born abroad and the HI birth certification can be issued based on a statement of one relative only. Regardless of where he was born, he is not a natural born citizen.
Military personal that is in active duty or retired that can be called to active duty will be seeking declaratory relief to pronounce Obama not eligible for the position of President and Commander in Chief and therefor active members of the military or retired members that can be recalled to active duty are under no obligation to take orders from Barack Hussein Obama, as Commander in Chief.