Thursday, November 27, 2008

Puzzling connections in Obamagate

Yesterday the fourth law suit, challenging Obama's citizenship and Natural Born status reached the Supreme Court:
1. Philip J Berg, PA An answer from Barack Obama is due by Dec.1
2. Leo C. Donofrio, NJ The case is scheduled for conference by all 9 judges on Dec 5
3.Chris Strunck, NY filed with SCOTUS last week
4. Cort Wrotnowski, CT (second case)filed yesterday.
many more to come...
As explained earlier, Hawaii allows one to obtain a Certification of Hawaiian Live Birth based on a statement of one relative only. It means,that while Obama was born in Kenya, his grandma or grandpa could've simply gone to the Health Department in HI and stated that he was born in Hi and would've obtained a valid birth certificate. Additionally, Hi statue 338.176 allows residents of HI to register in Hi birth of their children, that were actually born in other states or other foreign countries. This statue is based on previous statues, going back to 1911, when Hi citizens worked abroad and wanted to preserve Hi citizenship for their children.
There is no corroborating evidence, no birthing records from any hospital in Hi, on the other hand there are affidavits and statements from Obama's paternal grandmother Sarah Obama, his half brother and half sister and even ambassador of Kenya His Excellency Ogengo, stating that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya.
There are numerous other facts showing split allegiance for Mr. Obama, having British, Kenyan and Indonesian citizenship and simply the fact that his father was a British citizen at the time of Obama's birth, which negates his Natural Born Status and makes him ineligible to be the president of the US(Kenya was a British protectorate in 1961).
The most nauseating and most distressing factor in the Obamagate is a total lack of decency of the main stream media, that was lining up to kiss Obama's feet instead of asking him tough questions. The media is complicit in this Constitutional crisis. Now there are more and more calls to license media outlets and pollsters. If they are found to be misinforming the public, hiding matters of National importance in order to manipulate the results of the National elections, the media outlets that engage in such behavior should be stripped of their licensees. Additionally, if indeed fraud was committed, the media is guilty of aiding and abetting commission of fraud. If a foreign citizen is certified as a winner of the presidential election and a foreign citizen is put in charge of the US Army, that is treason and everyone complicit should be investigated and properly punished.
Each and every US citizen needs to send letters, e-mails, faxes, call all 50 Secretaries of States, all 50 Governors all 538 Electors, all 100 senators and all 435 representatives and demand that they do not certify this election until Mr. Obama signs a consent for release of all the necessary documents: original BC in HI, that shows the name of the Hospital and the name and signature of the doctor, birthing records from the hospital, any and all passports with all the immigration stamps, college enrollment records from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, responses from the embassies of Great Britain, Kenya and Indonesia and resolution in the Supreme Court of all the legal actions relating to his citizenship. If this is not done, and Mr. Obama is certified, everyone involved in the certification process is guilty of aiding and abetting commission of fraud and possibly aiding and abetting commission of treason.
Every decent, law abiding citizen of this country needs to keep calling and writing to all of the media and all of the advertisers and sponsors of media that refuses to go on the air, on TV and refuses to cover this Constitutional crisis of monumental proportions. Tell all the advertisers and sponsors that they need to boycott all the media that refuses to provide us the truth. Lets blackout the media that gave us the blackout of the truth.
There is a step in the right direction. Recently Greta van Sustren (Fox)on her blog Greta-wire demanded production of the original birth certificates by all the major candidates. This first step has to be followed by an open discussion on the air since only a small number of viewers read he blog. Mr. Rupert Murdock (owner of Fox) and his reporters Sean Hannitty, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingram, Glenn Beck need to show decency and journalistic integrity and demand production of documents from Mr. Obama prior to certification on December the 15Th.
MSNBC has published an article on the Internet about two lawsuits currently in front of the Supreme Court challenging Mr. Obama's qualifications for presidency, that's a baby step in the right direction, however nothing was said on the air. Why? Is there any financial or other interest involved in putting this man in the White House? From what I understand MSNBC is jointly owned by Microsoft and GE. Last year, in summer of 2007 GE has sold for reported 11.6 Billion it's GE Plastics division to Basic Industries of Saudi Arabia. Were there any strings attached in this deal? It is well documented that both Obama's father and stepfather were Muslims, his school registration in Indonesia shows him as a Muslim. Persy Sutton, former president of Brooklyn Borrow appeared on video, on U-tube, and stated that he was approached by Mr. Al Mansur, known radical Muslim activist, who disclosed that the royal family of Saudi Arabia is supporting Mr. Obama and mr. Sutton was asked to provide a letter of recommendation to Harvard law school for Mr. Obama. Was there a deal made in this sale of GE plastics to BISA not to provide any negative coverage to a protege of Saudi Arabia? The Board of Microsoft and Mr. Bill Gates himself and the Board of GE together with the Board of NBC and MSNBC and all their reporters need to take a stand and demand production of necessary documents from Mr. Obama, they need to demand that he step down or be removed if he refuses to provide such documents. Same goes to (AOL)Time Warner Board that purchased Turner Broadcasting, that owns CNN. Same goes to Westinghouse, CBS, Disney, ABC, Clearchannel communications and other conglomerates. Most of our media is owned by a handful of large companies. If those companies do not provide truthful reporting and all of their journalists and anchormen are reading from the same script like a herd of zombies, we the People of the United States of America, 300 million strong need to de-monopolise our media, we need to boycott them and write to all of the law enforcement: FBI, Homeland Security, Secret Service, State Attorney's offices, US attorney's office and demand immediate investigation. We cannot have a foreigner in charge of the US army, with his finger on the red button, the red button that controls the largest nuclear weapon arsenal in the world.
By Orly Taitz
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